Fire protection cabinets

In our offer you can find a wide range of cabinets for the placement of firefighting equipment.

All cabinets are designed to meet the current regulations regarding firefighting systems, whether they are cabinets for the placement of hydrant equipment or for the placement of fire extinguishers.
The cabinets are dimensioned to accommodate the prescribed firefighting equipment and allow easy and safe access to the same. With regard to the materials used, we offer you cabinets powder painted with red RAL 3020 color and stainless-steel cabinets.
You can choose cabinets from STAINLESS according to the following material quality criteria:
  • AISI 430 – cabinets for internal use
  • AISI 304 – cabinets for outdoor use
  • AISI 316 – cabinets for outdoor use with increased resistance to atmospherics (use by the seaside).
We are also able to produce cabinets for special purposes or special dimensions according to your needs.

On-wall hydrant cabinets

In-wall hydrant cabinets

On-wall hydrant cabinets for winch

In-wall hydrant cabinets for winch

Outdoor hydrant cabinets

Cabinets for fire extinguishers

Outdoor cabinets for fire extinguishers

Combined cabinets