Lož Metalpres d.o.o.

For many years, we have been processing plastics and metals to create a large variety of products for your home or personal use.



Our mission and vision

Lož Metalpres d.o.o. has been operating since 1961, and our long-standing tradition goes hand in hand with the high quality of our products. Our mission is for our customers to be satisfied with the products and cooperation that we offer. Our vision is to utilize the know-how of our employees, in addition to investing in development and production, in order to remain a competitive manufacturer on the European market with a brand that stands for quality and reliability. Lož Metalpres d.o.o. received its first ISO 9001 certification in 2007, and currently holds the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for manufacturing plastic and metal products.

The project is co-financed by the European Union European Development Fund

Project title: Certification of medical devices manufactured by LOŽ-METALPRES d.o.o.

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Project title: Improving the business processes of Lož Metalpres d.o.o. using ICT

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